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I started my career back in the 80s and I have worked in hundreds of commercial recordings, short films, TV ads, videos and live shows, gathering credits as a singer, recording engineer, mastering engineer and as a producer. I am a founder member of the Music Producers Guild UK and I served on the board of directors for a number of years. I taught recording techniques at university, BTEC courses and hosted recording workshops at my studios. I also regularly teach private students and music technology courses at well-known institutions.

As a freelance engineer and studio owner my work has always been eclectic: I worked on a variety of genres ranging from renaissance music to flamenco, classical to jazz, latin, world music, folk, rock and everything in between. As a result, I had the privilege of working for an “A” list of iconic figures from all over the globe.

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If you are new to recording, I will help you to plan and produce your project from beginning to end. If you have your own home recording setup, you can use my studio to capture live drums, bring your project for mixing, mastering or just to have an assessment. 
A mobile set up is available to capture your performance or multitrack session at a venue of your preference. In my discography, you will find that I have worked with all sort of formations, from a duo to one hundred piece orchestras and choirs.


Last but not least... My fees are flexible and very affordable. I work on a daily or hourly basis, whatever suits your needs. So, contact me today to discuss your new project. 



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